Saturday, June 28, 2008

surrounded by goods

I look out around me and I see Bugaboos (which by definition is: 1: an imaginary object of fear) but in this case I mean the +$700 stroller. Babies adorn their parents in the latest and greatest Baby Bjorn's with the active back support, frame backpack carriers with sun canopies, and the latest versions of age-old cloth slings. Children stroll by and stop to explore puddles wearing some of the hottest fashions on the under-five's runway.

No, I'm not at the opening of the new Prudential Isis Maternity Center. I'm not on Newbury Street doing some people watching. I'm at the Farm. It's not a cool new "green" store in the Atrium Mall. I really mean the farm...Lindentree farm in Lincoln.

As I go to the fields to pick our 3 quarts of strawberries and 2 quarts of snap peas these are the people, babies and gear planted in the field, picking their share. At first I'm a bit vexed especially seeing the Bugaboo stroller it's bright orange canvas planted in a field like some surreal post-modern painting. Then I remind myself that this is what the CSA represents. No matter our gear, clothing, or shopping habits we're all outsider's on our farm. We don't live the farm life or even pretend to. What we do do is support our local farms. Enjoy the privilege of smelling the aroma floating off the strawberry field as you approach the path. We work a tiny amount of time on the farm to do our part. This we share in common and that's what matters.

We go home to our kitchen's of all shapes and sizes and enjoy the fruits of the real farmer's labour at Lindentree. Thanks!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Opening Day at the Farm

Opening day at the farm was a gorgeous sunny day. It is so good to be back! Crisp green lettuce and lacy arugula leaves from having shared it with a couple tiny farm friends. Sweetly spiced white juicy turnips and to top it all off warm strawberries taste tested in the field and then enjoyed at home by the bowlful!

From Wilson's Farm I overdosed on asparagus because it was so good. As I ate the sweet and slightly pungent stalks I wondered why I ever bought asparagus out of season. So long days of buying asparagus from's just not worth it.

From Belmont CSA fabulous carrots to crunch on for snack, to slice thinly over our farm's lettuce. Delish....